Large Batch Scratch is the wave of the future.

To tell you who we are, let's get to the root. Large batch scratch cooking starts simply with what's available. It is highlighting what is seasonal and local while also paying attention to the whole of each ingredient. It is a commitment to reducing waste, closing loops in our local foodshed, and creating products which are accessible, all without sacrificing quality and taste.

Large Batch Scratch, LLC is a dynamic, community-driven food program built around this larger idea. We exist to support the web of producers, artisans, and farmers of Spring Green and to serve our amazing community.

it takes a village to raise a pizza party.

In the fall of 2015, we started Pizza Night after a conversation overheard between two farmers debating which gas station had better pizza. We got together with our friends at the White School, who opened up their studio space and backyard garden. We used organic produce from local farms, made sauce from tomato seconds, threw in some herbs from the garden, and topped it off with locally produced cheese and sausage. The pizzas were cooked in the wood-fired brick oven by a local stonemason, who happened to have built the oven. The neighborhood kids helped out. Everyone was invited and pizza night grew and grew.

One year later, we took over the operation of the Kitchen at Arcadia Books down the street and became Large Batch Scratch, LLC. Fast forward to the present day and we've added another weekly staple, by community request- Curry Night.

Pizza and Curry Nights are open to the public - bring a friend, make a friend. Come join our community! And if you've got ideas for your own events- we might be able to help with that too. Get in touch!


Katie Wyer, Bosslady Chef

Patrick Michaels, The Man with the Plan

Erich Furstenberg, Traveling Chef

Haley Armand, Cookie Pro

Brittany Pierpont, Pizza Boss

Josh and Marco, Bagel Boys

Katy Szapa, Updates The Website and Stuff